Saturday, 12 September 2015

Wrestlingworth Show & Sale and a Tiger Cub!

 Last weekend we had the Show and Sale in our village of Wrestlingworth. The morning brought rain and I thought here we go again, another washout! 
But by the time we transported our stuff to the show the rain had ceased and we were graced with no more rain for the rest of the day......finally thank you!
The afternoon was really enjoyable and we met a lot of friendly villagers and chatted the day away, I sold a couple of paintings and some photo prints and Tucker's Treats went down well with the dog owners....and Tucker was continually mobbed by the kids along with some of the adults, they couldn't leave him alone.

 Although I had already started the latest painting of a Tiger Cub, I was unable to finish it in time for the Show & Sale, but once I had more time thereafter I set about finishing it off. I set about the eyes first as per norm and tried to get that cute look about it. 

After around 13 hours put in over so many days it was finally finished and I put the brush down!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Ashwell Show.August 2015.

 The time had come for the Ashwell Show and to sum it up on the day.....a washout!
So frustrating for everyone involved, but glad some people battled the elements as it rained all day long. Sales did not go to plan and would of been a lot healthier if the weather had been better. Sarah had been baking like a possessed baker getting all the dog treats ready for "Tuckers Treats" stand, they were a success and the samples went down well. Met and chatted to some really nice and complimentary public. The poor youngsters in the horse arena must of been soaked to the skin, and the field soon became waterlogged and a mud slide, but the organising was very good and it was a good experience and nice company with the other exhibitors in the marquee. 

 "Tucker's Treats" Stand.
A worn out and wet Tucker.

Portrait of "The Fox"

 This was to be the final painting before the Ashwell Show. Portrait of a Fox. On this painting I actually started by painting the tail and head before the eyes, normally I plough into completing the eyes to bring it to life but for some reason I chose not to, come to think of it I did the same with the Puffin! I think I will stick to the eyes first in future, but may mix it up if needed.

Puffin Portrait.

 With the Ashwell show virtually upon me I set about finishing as much as possible. This Puffin portrait had to have the bill colours pop out, then the shine in the eye to bring it alive. The mouth gape was a challenge too.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Portrait of a Lion.

After the Zebra I kept to the African theme and decided to try a Lion portrait, it was fun and hassle at the same time. The detail was finer than images before as I had cut down a fine brush to make the lines thinner! It took me a lot of hours before I finally put the brush down and decided enough was enough, I placed it in a pre-cut mount I bought in Norfolk which really set it off, another painting to the collection.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Zebra

 My latest watercolour painting, The Zebra. I had wanted to paint this for some time and finally got round to it. As per norm I started with the eye, it took a few attempts before I was happy with the result and could move on with the rest.


The Osprey & The Bee-eater

Deciding to stay in and paint rather than amble around somewhere with the camera in the hope of seeing something, I was able to get into a rhythm and produce 3 new paintings. These were the first two, The Osprey was chosen to keep in the theme of Eagles, joining the Golden Eagle previously painted. I then decided to paint a European Bee-eater, such a stunning bird, I wanted to try and capture the colours. 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Tiger added to the Big Cat collection.

 Following on from the Golden Eagle, I returned to the big cats and added a Tiger to the Cheetah. I chose to do a cropped in painting with the focus on the eye.
 Final touches were the whiskers, a steady hand was needed there!
The finished piece.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Golden Eagle.

 Moving back to birds after the Cheetah, I wanted to capture the piercing stare of the Golden Eagle.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Cheetah Painting Completed. June 2015.

The Cheetah painting is now finished and framed, very different from what I'm used to but following on from the Wolf painting I quite like the change. Next I'm back to birds but a close head study such as these of a Golden Eagle.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

New Challenge with a Cheetah.

This is the latest work in progress and the piece of art I was working on at The Lodge Spring Fair. Still a few hours work left.

Painting in time for the Spring Fair at The Lodge.

With a Spring Fair at the end of May at The Lodge RSPB, I had been busy trying to get some paintings finished in time to show. I had also been persuaded to paint at the event and so I chose to carry on with the painting currently being worked on. Here are some new paintings that I had completed during May.
Red Grouse
Red Grouse
Red Throated Diver
Common, Chalkhill & Adonis Blue
Common Blue
Chalkhill Blue
Adonis Blue
Chalkhill & Adonis Blue
Common & Chalkhill Blue
The event was good but the weather absolutely ruined the chance of bringing in the public, it was a horrible day weather wise with rain and winds putting the dampers on what would of been a busy day, still never mind, maybe the weather will hold next time.