Monday, 17 August 2015

Portrait of a Lion.

After the Zebra I kept to the African theme and decided to try a Lion portrait, it was fun and hassle at the same time. The detail was finer than images before as I had cut down a fine brush to make the lines thinner! It took me a lot of hours before I finally put the brush down and decided enough was enough, I placed it in a pre-cut mount I bought in Norfolk which really set it off, another painting to the collection.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Zebra

 My latest watercolour painting, The Zebra. I had wanted to paint this for some time and finally got round to it. As per norm I started with the eye, it took a few attempts before I was happy with the result and could move on with the rest.


The Osprey & The Bee-eater

Deciding to stay in and paint rather than amble around somewhere with the camera in the hope of seeing something, I was able to get into a rhythm and produce 3 new paintings. These were the first two, The Osprey was chosen to keep in the theme of Eagles, joining the Golden Eagle previously painted. I then decided to paint a European Bee-eater, such a stunning bird, I wanted to try and capture the colours.